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For In person registration: Please fill out complete name as it appears on your passport.

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Financial Assistance

Please verify your passport's expiry date and apply for a visa (if necessary) before you make a request for financial assistance.

The CEC would appreciate it if participants and their institutions could assist with travel and accommodation costs.  However, a limited financial assistance may be provided by the CEC.

Participants may apply for financial assistance by completing and returning this request to the CEC by 17 June 2022.

ONLY nonprofit organizations and individuals from Canada, Mexico or the United States may apply for financial assistance.  Funding will be limited to one representative per organization.

Travel and accommodation arrangements

The CEC will make travel and accommodation arrangements for all participants who receive financial assistance to avoid delays with reimbursements.  Please indicate your preferences below and note that departure and return dates depend on meeting dates and the same applies to hotel reservations.  We will not provide itineraries/hotel reservations outside of those dates